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A suggested training program resulted into 13% increase of sales via Upselling. Challenge

A leading chain of eyewear brand in India with an excellent offering of eye glasses and lenses wanted to understand the effectiveness of their sales promoters in Franchisee and Company Owned Stores primarily to define areas with a potential to improve and to discover educational needs and eliminating any hurdles in their road to expansion.


RedQuanta studied clients’ existing standard operating procedures for their sales promoters and designed an in-depth survey covering even the most minor aspects of the regular SOPs. All its 350 outlets were surveyed 4 times a month and weekly outputs/insights were shared with the client to help them identify grey areas, re-train its staff, motivate them to do better by incentivizing them and finally improve the customer experience impacting company sales.

  • Client could increase its total number of outlets across the country (roughly 3 times, which also so an overall spike in sales)
  • New SOPs were introduced and monitored, resulting in staff motivation and increasing sales by 37%
  • Sales improved by 13% by training staff on upselling
  • Detailed insights were provided on improvement areas leading to 25% reduction in company’s training budget
  • 80% of the stores reached the industry benchmark of >90% in various aspects like staff greeting/grooming, store’s infrastructure