About Us

About Us

RedQuanta: A global business transformation firm.
Our winning approach is Outside–In. We enable businesses to truly listen to customer experiences outside and make transformational changes inside.
Our research, analytics, consulting and global execution capabilities allow us to address problems that no one else can.
Leading businesses trust us in their journey to growth and profitability.
Our reservoir of human capital empowered with technology helps us in managing large scale projects and complexities of various industries with ease.

RedQuanta Vision

To empower growth and profitability of customer centric brands globally
  • provide brands with most intimate knowledge of consumer expectations, experiences and sentiments
  • thus revolutionising strategies and execution mechanisms for them to realise their most important goals
  • using world class technologies to ensure scale and speed in all dimensions of business
  • and in turn give consumers the power to create the best experiences for themselves

RedQuanta Mission

We aim to create memorable and lasting customer experiences. Thus making substantial improvements to your business.



We are Available Worldwide

While we are rooted to our core, we have been spreading our wings globally over the last decade. Leveraging on our deep and wide learning in a diverse market like India as our base, understanding the sentiments and cultures of different countries we enter, comes naturally to us. With a strong presence in South East Asia, Australia, UK, USA and of course India, we are a bunch of global citizens, making our mark on the international map by enhancing our footprint around the world