FAQs - Shoppers How do I get started with RedQuanta?

A smartphone is all you need. Go to the play store and download our app named “RedQuanta”, Alternately, use the “Contact Us” form and drop us your contact details, our team will get in touch with you.

How long has RedQuanta been involved in mystery shopping?

RedQuanta has been a part of the Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience Management industry since 2009. Today, we are India’s fastest growing Customer Experience, Internal Audit and Process Compliance Solutions company.

What information about me does RedQuanta keep confidential and what is the information shared?

None of your personal information is shared with any third party. It remains confidential with RedQuanta only.

What is mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping is a well-regarded market research process used by businesses to measure the quality of service/products & process compliance at business locations. It is a data-intensive activity, carried out by you, once you become a verified shopper with us.

What is expected out of me as a Mystery Shopper?

Once you are empanelled with us as a Mystery Shopper, we endow assignments that can be carried out by you on a date and time of your choice within a limited period of time. Our team briefs you before the audit about all necessary information that needs to be captured while you are on the site.

What do I get in return for the task completed?

The pay out for mystery shopping varies for each assignment. It could be from a minimum of Rs.250 to Rs.5000 per task. At times you may also be reimbursed for items you shop for or enjoy a fine dine restaurant or a good time at the Spa at no cost!

What’s the criteria to become a Mystery Shopper with RedQuanta?

There is no criteria as such, anyone who has an inclination to shop and observe, who cares about quality of service and could come up with an unbiased logical feedback could become a mystery shopper. All you require is an eye for detail, and no previous work experience in this field!

Could I also find out about different assignments and pick one of my choice?

Yes, our mobile app is updated real-time and you can check for the nearest assignment that excites you and apply for it. If found eligible for that particular task, we assign the same to you.

Is there a penalty if I decline to take on a particular assignment?

No, this isn’t an educational institution and we aren’t your HOD. The only thing it affects is your credibility and the automated algorithm may not assign you enough tasks in-case you fail to complete the one on your hand.

(Do I have to make a purchase – This question is not required)

Will the staff at the store know I am a Mystery Shopper?

While the store staff may know a mystery shopping exercise is underway. They will not know who exactly the mystery shopper is, and you should be careful to not reveal your identity. Well, that’s why it is called Mystery Shopping!

Can I keep the items I have shopped for?

Well, it’s all yours!

When can I have a feedback or ratings on the report submitted?

You will receive feedback on your report once it has been verified by our project manager.

What is Shopper Rating?

Based on the quality of your audit report, a rating between 1 to 10 is assigned to you. The more articulate and elaborative you are, it helps getting a high score and high score results to more assignments coming your way! Also, you will have a detailed report of why have we marked you down, in-case you wish to know.

How much will I get paid, when and how?

The payment for each assignment depends on its length and complexity. You will be informed of the fee before the assignment. Payments are processed once the report has been verified by our project managers, and can take between 45 to 60 days. The payment is made electronically to the account details you have provided to us at the time of registration.

What if I don’t receive my payment on time?

Worry not, the only possible reason could be a human error. Get in touch with us and we will sort this out for you in time.

We’d be glad to let you know how we could make a difference, get in touch