Creating value through customized customer journeys

Research shows customer expectations and customer journeys are not uniform. Brands have to define who their customers are by creating persona types and meet expectations of each type.

Automobile industry has arguably the most diverse set of customers.

Let's look at various persona’s visiting your dealerships.

Aryan, young professional
Busy, travels frequently; focus on design; convenience very important

Laxmi, hands-on consumer
Physically seeing and experiencing the vehicle is important

Srinivasan family
Traditional values where trust matters; budget- conscious; focus on day to day needs

Mrs Verma, retiree
No usage of online or other new formats.

To delight each of these and many other possible personas your sales and service staff needs to have a unique approach for each segment.

Below is the outline of our approach to optimize customer experience
  • Create customer personas through primary research
  • Define expectations of each persona type and map them to staff training
  • Measure experience of various customer type through mystery audits
  • Improve staff skills continuously to sell to each persona type

Having a standard approach to sell doesn’t work. So time to act is now, there is no time to lose.