Enhanced touchpoint management (digital, contact center)

OEM’s have to integrate various customer touch points to provide a seamless customer experience. Customer journeys are getting redefined due to digitalization. You need to invest in and monitor all steps of this journey to lead.

Customer expectations are getting defined by the new sales processes they experience in many categories. From AI driven customer support interactions to exposure to advanced CRM methods they are exposed to many innovations on a daily basis. OEM’s have to introduce new concepts fast and also ensure adoption at dealer level.

We ensure you excel at all touch points in the customer life cycle. As per research the gaps can be at any touch point.

Some of elements highlighted frequently in our research are listed below:
  • Response time to a web lead
  • Test drive experience at customer’s home
  • Product Expertise of staff at dealerships
  • Quality and frequency of follow-ups
  • Handling of a phone enquiry
  • Brand representation and assistance in market place setting