Meeting needs for expert advice/ Providing expert advice to your customers

Product expertise is the most important element of a dealer consultation. We enable you to define, measure and continuously improve staff skills to close more sales by coming across as trusted experts.

Below are the key steps of our framework:
  • Defining expertise: Carry out primary research to find out what your customer needs. We also map the best practices in the industry
  • Measure delivery: Use mystery audits, NPS etc to monitor on ground performance
  • Improvement: Our technology allows real time action planning and tracking of closures. You build accountability and take corrective action much faster as a result

Customers collect lot of information online and dealers role is to provide a “second level expert advice” to close the sale. Expertise here means showcasing features and benefits of your product in a way that gives the confidence to the customer that his needs can be met by your product.

In addition, consultation on auxiliary services like financing options, insurance, accessories also demand that your staff come across as trusted experts.

Lastly building personal trust between sales staff and customer is key to guide the customer through maze of close options and conflicting information.

We help you define the standards for expertise and also track the performance continuously to narrow the performance spread in your dealer network.