Banking & Financial Services

RedQuanta help industry leaders to build a unique and articulate brand in their cluttered space with innovative strategies, maintaining the security and confidentiality aspects.

Customer Experience Mapping

Revenue growth focused mystery audits program. Action planning and monitoring system to make time bound focused improvements.

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Research Surveys

Assessing consumer likeability of brands/campaigns/celebrities and their affinity towards certain kind of behavior or categories

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Compliance Surveys

Improvement of in-store execution starting with increased in-store visibility and recognition. Insights on effectiveness of the product placement on a shelf with respect to the competing brand as well.

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Due Diligence

We understand the value of your investment and help you monitor the market value, customer dynamics, scalability and value creation of the respective firm/product

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Web and Phone Audits

Ensuring efficiency and effectiveness of your website and telephonic interactions through mystery surveys for proper tractability

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