Prevent incidences of brand substitution

Retailers are in the position of power. They get to choose which items they want to sell. Brands often ignore early warnings of shifting preferences of retailers for competitor brands. This is because they don’t have limited or no ground level data. Data is power and not having recent data with a significant sample can lead to costly losses.

We have helped brands create a strong retailer preference. It can be done for your brand too with right mix of sentiment analysis, on ground research and trade marketing programs.

Our framework for creating a strong retailer advocacy for your brand consists of three key steps
  • Attribute analysis: Its carried out to understand retailers preferences in your category. Real customers get the store level data in real scenarios. Also we ensure a representative sample across geographies as results can often vary from one region to another.
  • Recommendations on strategy and execution: Our recommendations are actionable. They cover all aspects like branding, pricing, trade marketing etc.
  • Creation of a feedback loop: Nothing is static in today’s dynamic FMCG market. We use our base of 1.2 mn real consumers to continuously gather data on how your product is being sold across the country. The inputs then are used to refine strategy and execution mechanisms.