Product availability – Audits, Insights and Improvement

You can excite the consumers about your brand with a great marketing campaign. But if they can’t find the products in stores then it’s a huge miss. From being excited about your brand to using a competitor brand, things can change fast and for worse. Real time data from the stores needs to be provided to supply chain teams. Brands often ignore the crucial need of gathering this data across the stores. Or they don’t do it enough times. This leads to a broken supply chain and frustrated consumers.

We work with brands to ensure their customers find their products across the stores.

Below is the outline of our approach on ensuring product availability:
  • Forecasting research: We help you forecast the potential sale volumes: Its done by studying the whole category. The data is granular down to pin code level. You know where the demand is and who are the strong competitors.
  • Retailer Sentiment Analysis: We gather insights on retailer’s attitude towards various products in your category. This drives the messaging to them by your marketing team and field force.
  • Mystery Audits: What’s of pivotal importance is; unbiased customer data from your target group. This is where we bring in our network of more than 1.2 mn respondents to table. They conduct availability audits with geography being no constraint. Respondents provide real time data through our mobile app platform. This ensures corrective actions can be taken without losing crucial time.
  • Closing the loop: Our technology allows real time action planning and tracking of corrective actions. Brands can monitor the improvement on online dashboards.