Building real time reaction capabilities

A whole lot of factors combined together results in the best customer experience. Has your customer waited for a long time for checkin? There’s a foul smell at the room? Is there a sanitation issue? Has your spa technician made the client feel comfortable? Is there an upsell effort?

Though your brand has a dedicated auditor, it's evident when the audit is conducted and chances are you find everything to be spick and span as per the set processes. A mystery audit conducted by our industry specialist auditors help with a clearer picture.

We provide you a software which not only you sitting at the backend but also can be accessed by your location managers. The feedback captured by our auditors can be monitored real time in your software’s dashboard. Many issues like infrastructure or hygiene can be immediately red flagged by you and closed at the location by the person in charge.

Enabling execution at ground level is what we do.