Mystery Audits - Building a Service Advantage

The hospitality industry often conducts audits to ensure standard operating processes are adhered to with topmost priority. Though, does an internal quality assessment team really help?

The staff at customer touchpoints are aware of such timely conducted audits and hence a possibility that some ends are loose when not monitored. How do you assure that the service and quality is always maintained to set standards? This is where mystery shoppers i.e. your own customers survey your hotel and provide real time and unbiased data.

Do every customer who stays at your hotels leave with a Wow factor? We help you track this with our array of mystery shoppers handpicked from your TG to experience the service and come up with real-time unbiased feedback, straight from the horses’ mouth.

Our industry certified experts matching your target audience carry out mystery audits that cover customer interaction at all touchpoints of customer journey:
  • Booking process
  • Checkin/Checkout process
  • Quality of Infrastructure
  • F&B
  • Facilities like pool/gym etc
  • Special scenarios
  • Voice calls Audit/ E-Mail Interactions/ Web/App interactions
We leverage our capabilities outlined below to ensure your mystery audits program is a unqualified success:
  • R - Research with scale, speed and accuracy. We use mystery audits, sentiment analysis, NPS etc. to define customer expectations and measure actual experiences. There is no location constraint as we have our auditors everywhere.
  • A - Analytics to impact all business functions. Insights are made available real time online and on mobile apps. Different stakeholders get recommendations relevant to their function.
  • C - Consulting approach to meet your unique challenges and goals. Our consultants bring deep expertise of hospitality industry to the table.
  • E - Enabling execution at ground level. Our technology allows real time action planning and closure tracking. You could raise a query in a particular location and assign it to the responsible manager who can then close on it and update the same on our system for your review.