Providing harmonized lifetime customer experience

Customers require great service always and not only when they start a relationship with your brand. They expect brands to maintain uniform standards across the lifetime of the relationship. Research shows that brands typically focus far less on repeat service experience compared to acquisition experience.

Among hundred of other hospitality membership programs, is your card valued or is it lying in the corner of your customers’ wallet like any other?

Are your special programs, discounts affecting the decision of your customer to be associated or become a repeat customer?

Are your customers aware of the various offerings that help you stand out among your competition?

Below is the outline of our approach to optimize lifetime customer experience
  • Define service scenarios and best operating practices as per industry norms
  • Measure service delivery throughout mystery audits (using real customers of your brand etc.)
  • Consult key stakeholders using data driven insights to drive strategic changes
  • Improve continuously at store (or call center) level using the data driven feedback loop through our technology which allows real time action planning and tracking of closures

Customers expect a friendly environment at the hotel where they can feel at ease. If they are made to feel like “they are that special customer for whom the staff has been waiting for to give their best services “, this would help harness a personal bond with all their clients.