We partner VC/PE/Growth Equity firms in due diligence from customer experience and market understanding perspective. In addition we help them identify new market spaces through proactive research.

A mix of codified routines along with vast experience is what we bring to the table

Some of the questions we can help you answer

  • Are you investing in a large high growth market?
  • Is the competitive landscape suited for your investment?
  • Is a genuine customer problem being solved?
  • Is the product/service adding enough value to customers to generate long term profits?
  • Are you getting what you intend to invest in?
  • How is the company positioned against competition?
  • Robustness of processes and infrastructure?

We understand that efficiently evaluating winning investment proposals is critical to your success. Our team has been at the forefront of developing processes for due diligence from the customer and the market perspective.

In any due diligence process you can not ignore a simple fact: a significant amount of knowledge resides with the customers, not in financials. The experience of the customers and their expectations are critical to success of the firm at the scale which makes sense for the investment.

Stages of Investment Process where we can help
  • Proactive research for Identifying new market spaces
  • Screening due diligence
  • Business Due Diligence
  • Post investment management
  • Exit

In the feverish investment climate many firms are not able to deploy resources to exploring new market spaces. We can help you understand new opportunities through structured research.

Our clients get a significant advantage in not just identifying new spaces quickly but also the specific companies who have the potential to be the winners.

There is no one size fits all approach. We customize our framework to suit your investment fit and investment potential criteria.

Case Studies

Investment Stage : Series C

Investment Space : Home shopping

Geographical spread : Pan India

Timeline : 3 weeks

Key questions answered
  • Shopping habits of the shopper for the this format
  • Key drivers and preferences for this retail format
  • Micro market category drivers

Investment Stage : Series A

Investment Space : Used Car Selling

Geographical spread : Pan India

Timeline : 1 week

Key questions answered
  • Perception of the model amongst TG,
  • Process Expectations and Crucial Influencing Factors
  • Micro Market competition mapping

Investment Stage : Growth equity

Investment Space : Cab Sharing

Geographical spread : Top 15 cities

Timeline : 4 weeks

Key questions answered
  • Identification of red flags and strong areas
  • Developed Feature comparison matrix viz a viz competitors to assess the future pricing
  • Provided confirmation and rejection of assumptions on scalability of business model

Investment Stage : Private equity

Investment Space : Apparel Offline Retail

Geographical spread : Pan India

Timeline : 2 weeks

Key questions answered
  • Benchmarking of customer experience against organised and unorganised compeition.
  • Consumer spending habits in the segment?
  • Consumer’s preference for shopping channels?
  • Competitive landscape

Investment Stage : Series B

Investment Space : Eyewear Retail

Geographical spread : Pan India

Timeline : 2 weeks

Key questions answered
  • Perception of product quality
  • Adoption of new channel and technology
  • Competitive landscape
  • Integrity
  • Franchise Engagement