Internal Tracking and Compliance Platform Internal audits if not managed properly damage customer experience, cause serious compliance issues and hurt sales.
  • Do you have a internal audit team?
  • Do they still use pen & paper to note then down their observations in the store?
  • Do they waste time to copy the same data in excel once back in office?
  • Do you need to put effort to collate all excels to do data analysis?
  • If Yes, then switch to RedQuanta's internal audit platform.
  • Research shows mobile app based platforms can double the capacity of audit team and cut the issue resolution time by 50%.
Here is how it works
  • Auditors file the reports on the mobile while doing the audit. So no time wasted sitting in office and copying the data. They are on the field always doing more audits.
  • Managers see the real-time analytics on online dashboards.
  • Using redquanta's mobile audit platform you can cut 70% of the costs and gain 100% control over how audits are planned, executed and acted upon.
Powerful benefits Redquanta Internal audits platform
  • Authenticity: All data (internal & external) are validated by proofs (geotags, proof uploads etc)
  • Analytics Based Governance: Close monitoring & control on day to day operation of field teams. Provides high end custom analytics by correlating otherwise disjointed data sets
  • System driven Issue Fixing: Specific issues can be assigned to individuals with reminders and escalations. Closure also get tracked in the system.